22 May 2020

It’s nothing short of a technological milestone, where Huawei along with other Chinese partners has deployed the 5G station on Mount Everest with an elevation of 8,848 meters. The 5G technology is still in its infancy stages in many parts around the world, and China is ahead of the race in 5G technology and has already deployed it across many parts of the country. The 5G technology is seen as the next disruptive technology that would enable autonomous cars driving through the streets, the building of smart cities, and provide the “connective Tissue” to further advance the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to China Mobile, which is the world’s largest operation for a wireless network; the deployment of 5G on Mount Everest isn’t just a great challenge that has been pull-off successfully, but in reality, this will open up new opportunities for smart tourism and will provide critical communication for scientific research as well.

Currently, three 5G base stations have been set up at Mount Everest, which will connect the radio gears to the broader telecommunication networks. During the testing of 5G connectivity on April 19, 2020, a whopping 1GB per second download speed was achieved at two camps located at the altitudes of 5,300 meters. Later, to ensure complete connectivity for the whole Mount Everest, two more stations were installed at 21,352 feet, which means now the 5G signals will also cover the Summit of Mount Everest.

According to Huawei Technologies, the company has been able to achieve this milestone thanks to its advanced extremely compact technology which made it possible to deploy the 5G towers in an extremely harsh environment. The high-value complex 5G technology was taken to the high-altitudes by Yaks. Along with the towers, over 15-miles of fiber optic was also laid.

Partners in the endeavors

There are multiple partners in this historical project including Huawei technologies, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicorn.

What’s the backdrop of putting 5G on Mount Everest?

Well, multiple reasons can be traced to the deployment of 5G technology on Mount Everest. For starter, China is the leader in 5G technology has further cemented its’ technology prowess in the field. The three telecom partners who collaborated in this venture ensures also established their commitment towards the development of technology, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from its reputation, the project will also boost smart tourism to Mount Everest and other parts of the country. The technology will also prove vital in the safety of the mountaineers venturing on Mount Everest. Last but not least, the 5G deployment on the world’s highest summit will also be used in critical scientific research in one of the most fragile and sensitive regions of the world.


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