08 Nov 2021

Here in this blog, we will briefly look into everything new in Android 12 to help you get the first feel of the latest Android OS. So, let’s get started…

Widget emphasis

Unlike the many previous versions of the OS, Android 12 greatly emphasises Widgets. In fact, the entire Widget selector in Android 12 is overhauled for a convenient and comfy user experience.

Quick Settings tiles

Another significant overhaul we see in Android 12 is in the Quick Settings Tiles, where the small toggles are replaced by larger and bolder rounded rectangular tiles, which really appears cool and elegant. There are even new tiles for camera, alerts, and microphone access.


We see another complete overhaul of Settings in the latest Android 12. The Settings aren’t just redesigned; instead, there are also multiple changes. The new design for Settings is named Silky Home and comes in stock on Android 12.

Notifications and other changes

Apart from a complete overhaul of many features, Android 12 also brings in some minor updates and redesigns for various features. For instance, a new always-on display, animations, subtly updated notifications and many others. All to make the OS feel more vivid and responsive.

New features

-         Scrolling screenshots

Scrolling screenshots is a welcome addition, which was integrated into the third beta build of the Android 12. While the feature does exist in earlier versions, it was, for some reason, removed from the more recent Android versions. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome addition that enables taking a full scrolling screenshot.

-         AppSearch

It’s another neat feature offered in Android 12, which basically help users to use the search function within apps. Interestingly, this feature has existed for ages in other Operating Systems like Windows; however, this will be the first time we see it in Android.

-         Improved auto-rotate

Previously the auto-rotate functionality was controlled by the phone’s accelerometer; however, Android 12 introduces a face detection mechanism for auto-rotate. To put it simply, the sensors detect the face orientation of users to change the screen orientation.

Other Minor Updates

Some of the other minor updates we see in Android 12 includes;

  • Easier Wi-Fi sharing
  • One-handed mode
  • Rich content insertion
  • HEVC media transcoding
  • AVIF image support
  • Multi-channel audio
  • Optimizations for large and funky displays 
  • Universal splash screens 
  • Optimizations for apps
  • Picture-in-picture improvements
  • Project mainline improvements


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