18 Jul 2022

The Android ecosystem is one that refuses to conform to set standards, and this is what makes it so special. The variety and uniqueness of each manufacturer is what drives them forward in competition and keeps us interested in their products long after we’ve bought them. Whether it be a new feature or a refreshing design, companies are always coming up with something new for their next release. And right now, bets are high that Google will be releasing the much-anticipated Pixel 4 devices soon — along with its first-gen 200MP camera technology expected to feature in the upcoming Moto Edge X30 Pro.

The New Teaser From Motorola and Its Moto Edge X30 Pro Implications

First, let’s take a look at the teaser itself. It was shared by Motorola on Twitter, and it seems to hint at a camera feature of some kind. The teaser shows two camera icons, one black and one white, with a light shining through them. This is a classic photography reference to a lens flare, something that happens when a bright light source is too close to the lens, causing a streak of light to show up in the photo. The teaser shows the streak as a circle, though, which is an entirely different phenomenon. Photographers sometimes use a circular lens filter, known as a “soft box,” to create a circle of light. This is often used to illuminate a subject, making it stand out against a dark background. The light source in the photo is coming from above the camera icons, in between them and the lens, which is where a soft box would be placed. It’s not clear what this teaser is for, but the camera icon is likely to indicate that the subject is related to photography in some way.

Why a Dedicated 200MP Camera Is Needed Now More Than Ever

In today’s tech industry, smartphone cameras are always getting better. Pixel technology brings better photos, more accurate color reproduction, and improved low-light performance. But recently, a new type of camera has been developing, one that is said to be able to produce a whopping 200 million pixels in each photo. This is a first-generation technology, and it is expected to be used in the upcoming Google Pixel 4 phones. Although this camera is still in its very early stages, the results are expected to be phenomenal. It is said to be 10 times better than the current Pixel 3 camera. It will be able to record up to 8K video, and its low light performance is supposed to be on par with what the human eye can see. It will also be able to record 4K video at 60 frames per second, which is unheard of at the moment.

The First Generation of Google’s 200MP Camera Will Likely Be a Mid-Range Device

The first generation of the Pixel 4 camera might be a high-end device, but its follow-up, which will likely be built into the Moto Edge X30 Pro, will be a mid-range camera with just 200MP. It is expected to be the same camera that was used in the Pixel 3a, just with a greater pixel count. The Pixel 3a is a mid-range device, so it only makes sense that the Pixel 4 successor would retain its low-end status while the other model gets a major upgrade. The Moto Edge X30 Pro will not be competing against the Pixel 4, but against other high-end Android competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Huawei P30, and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Even the 200MP Camera May Not be Enough to Compete Against Other Flagships

Even if the Moto Edge X30 Pro does have an incredible 200MP camera, it might not be enough to compete against its competitors. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 both have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is said to be much more secure than the traditional capacitive sensors used by other manufacturers. The OnePlus 7 Pro has a pop-up camera, which makes for a stunning design, but it is also supposed to improve the phone’s low-light capabilities. The Moto Edge X30 Pro will have to bring more than just an incredible camera to the table to compete. It will also have to have an updated processor, plenty of RAM, attractive software, and a design that is up to date. Until we get more information, we won’t know what Google has in store for its next generation of phones, but we can bet that they will be impressive.


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