22 Oct 2019

Well, guess what, we may finally be seeing the resurrection of our long-time crush Moto Razr, only this time as a flagship folding smartphone.

According to the reports by CNET, the company has finally set out the invitation for the launching of highly anticipated Moto Razr Fold. The even it set to be held in LA on November 13, 2019

While Motorola hasn’t been able to hold up to its glory days of Moto Razr, the company nonetheless keeps itself alive with various decent and functional smartphones all along. However, this time Motorola seems to be ready to go all out with its special Moto Razr Fold.

Even though we are hearing the launch date of Moto Razr Fold to be November 13, we don’t see the flagship device to be made in the market anytime sooner than 2020.

Read on as we take a look at what we can expect from the resurrection of an iconic phone from the past and if Motorola will be able to hold on to the fold concept in the smartphone industry, because we have already seen some giants like Samsung and Huawei getting in pretty worse woes with their folding devices.

Moto Razr Fold – What’s in the device?

Moto Razr fold is a joint initiative of Motorola and Verizon to come up with a foldable screen smartphone that’s set to launch in November 2019. The device will be a homage to one of the most iconic foldable mobile phone Moto Razr that send shockwaves to the mobile industry back in the 00s. This means that the foldable screen will bend inwards to the clamshell form just like its predecessor Original Razr.

The launch date of Moto Razr fold has already been delayed a couple of times, however, if it finally gets unveiled on November 13, event at LA, it will be third foldable smartphone device from a mainstream smartphone manufacturer after the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X.

Companies have been making entries into the smartphone industry with a variety of shapes and designs. However, one thing that has to remain consistent all across the foldable market is the delayed launch date, something that made Samsung and Huawei missed their original sales plans.

Now, as Motorola, which is a Unit of Lenovo (Chinese consumer electronics giant) sets its eye to roll-out it’s a jibe at the foldable smartphone, it will be interesting to see if the company is able to keep up with its sales plans.

Samsung's Fold woes

Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and a tech giant was amongst the first to materialize the concept of folding smartphones with its Galaxy Fold. The device came with a rather exhilarating price of $1,980 with a 7.3 inch unfolded tablet display and a 4.6 inch folded display. While the device got a largely positive review from reviewers, Samsung was forced to cancel the date of the sale, owing to various screen defects reported by reviewers for the review units. The main woes as can be expected were related to the high-tech foldable screen, where some reported peeling off the top thin layer on display, whereas, others reported bumps and bulges in the display due to detritus that was able to get under the screen.

The woes led the Samsung CEO to admit that it was a rather embarrassing experience and that the product was pushed through to market before it was viably ready.

And while the company was able to get hold of the problems and start the sales of Galaxy Fold, the device didn’t gain much traction amongst the smartphone users until now.

Huawei's Woes to foldable smartphones

Just like Samsung, Huawei ventured early into the foldable smartphone sector with its flagship Mate X. The device was tagged at whopping $2,600 and was designed to support the blazing 5G networks. The device made its first appearance back in February during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Similar to Galaxy Fold, Mate X has had its delayed sales and is now expecting to be launched on October 31, 2019. And we don’t see much of traction for Mate X, similar to what we have already seen for Galaxy fold.

Samsung and Galaxy aren’t the only smartphone manufacturers working on foldable smartphones, rather there are other startups like Royole (Fremont, California startup) and Xiaomi (Chinese smartphone giant) who have ventured into the industry and looking to gain traction with their foldable tablets cum smartphones.

Motorola Razr Fold – Launch Date

The launch date for Moto Razr Fold has been tiptoeing for quite some time now, however, the latest news confirmed by CNET is that that company is set to launch its much anticipated resurrected Razr fold on November 13 event at LA. However, we aren’t sure that you will be able to grab one of the Razr Fold this Christmas as the market sales may get delayed to 2020.

Motorola Razr Fold Design

The Moto Razr Fold is the resurrection of the iconic Moto Razr V3 launched originally back in 2004. Only this time it will come with a modern twist. The company has been effectively touting Moto Razr Fold as the rebirth of Moto Razr 2004 in a bet to cash on the immense popularity and iconic design of its predecessor.

There are various high-resolution renders and illustrations of the Moto Razr Fold circulating in the market. Most illustrations and concept videos revolved around keeping the iconic flip design of original Moto Razr V3 and combining it with a full display screen on the inside and secondary screen on the outside.

The Razr Fold will most definitely be keeping the hinge, which will mostly be kept hidden from visibility by a pliable display. The unfolded smartphone is expected to have a widescreen aspect ratio, with no visible bezels, pretty common these days. The Razr Fold followed the suit of iPhone XS Max in having a notch at top of the screen comprising of selfie-camera and earpiece.

Motorola Razr Fold specs: What's inside?

While not much has been churn out by the officials regarding the specs and features boosted by Moto Razr Fold, what we have come to know so far is that the device will boost a large 6.2 inch OLED display with a rather expansive 22:9 aspect ratio. The device will most probably boost 6/8 GB RAM and 64/128 GB Storage powered by Snapdragon 710 processor (this isn’t confirmed). As for the camera, the device will boost the triple camera system, however, we don’t know the exact specs of the camera. USB-C charging cables and Headphones will sum up the main features of the Razr Fold on the hardware front.


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