Alcatel is making in-roads into the United States’s smartphone industry for quite some time now. The company is owned by Chinese TV giant TCL, which gives it the financial backing to take larger brands head-on and also the cushion for the tech industry familiarity. The Company manufactures Alcatel One Touch smartphones and Tablets and has been able to gain significant success in its country of origin (China) as well as American, European and Asian countries.

Alcatel mobiles in United States has largely been targeted to middle to low market segments. The average Alcatel mobile prices in United States range from USD100 to USD300, making it a competitor in lower end smartphone industry in United States. Despite the lower threshold of Alcatel mobile prices in United States, the company hasn’t been fully integrated into the country’s smartphone industry. If you are interested in Alcatel mobiles in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C, etc. you can easily purchase one with different carriers in affordable pricing

Overall, the Alcatel One Touch smartphone brand has established its reputation as a decent mid-end smartphone manufacturer. Over the years it has lost some ground to other Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi etc. however, given the reputation and TLC brand behind the company, the brand is able to retain its space in smartphone industry worldwide.

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