Meizu was founded in 2003, as a China based consumer electronics manufacturer. The Business mainly target smartphones and music player manufacturing. The first smartphone from the company was launched back in 2008.

Meizu smartphones sales have largely been concentrated to Mainland China. The company has launched its smartphone series in other Asian, Middle Easter as well as African Markets. Meizu is largely an unheard brand in USA smartphone market. The company hasn’t been able to make in-roads into American smartphone market till of today. Meizu smartphones are available in some bigger United States cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The average price of Meizu smartphones range from {currency}100 to {currency}200, making it a highly competitive product line in low-end smartphone category.

The latest launch from Meizu was M6, which was unveiled in global markets in September 2017. The concentration of the business have largely remained at lower end market segment, which is why it has been launching various amazingly cheap and decently features smartphones. Overall, Meizu smartphones haven’t been able to release its full potential and compete with other Chinese brands in American smartphone market.

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