Siemens was one of the leading feature phone manufacturer in the world. The company launched its first smartphone in 1985 (Mobiltelefon C1). The company was also one of the first manufacturer of GSM based phone (Siemens S1), which was launched back in 1994. The engineering giant was a well-respected name in phone manufacturer and launched its first colour screen phone back in 1997. The company also out manoeuvre its competitors by launching its first ever “Outdoor” phone back in 1997 (S10 Active). The phone comes with an enhanced water, shock and splash resistance capabilities. In 1999, Siemens launched its first slider phones, “Siemens SL10”.

Siemens phones in United States were largely seen as a trademark of quality and high-end functionalities. Back in 2000, Siemens become the first phone manufacturer in the world to launch MP3 player supported smartphone with additional functionality of memory card support “Siemens SL45”. The fame and craze of Siemens phones were largely attributed to its innovative features and top of the line functionalities. In 2003, Siemens rolled-out its first ever Symbian OS based smartphone “Siemens SX1”. The smartphone gets wide acceptance and appreciation in all major United States cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C, etc. Later, Siemens was also able to roll-out the first ever smartphone with a real GPS support, the smartphone was named Siemens SXG75.

Siemens stopped production of smartphones after selling its smartphone manufacturing rights to German manufacturer BENQ, who later filed bankruptcy back in 2006.

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