Sony is one of the larger players in Global smartphone manufacturing industry. The Sony Corporation is one of the largest electronics manufacturer, based in Japan. The Sony started off its smartphone manufacturing under the title of Sony Ericsson, which was later split into two companies. Sony continues the manufacturing of smartphones after split with Ericsson and has rolled-out some impressive smartphones since then.

Sony mobile phones in United States are largely known for their upscale features, built quality and exquisite design. The company has launched some great shock, dust and water resistant smartphones way ahead of other major players in the industry including Apple and Samsung.

Sony mobiles can be easily bought off across United States including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C, etc. The company initially launched its smartphones with Windows OS, however those weren’t well-received within the United States market. Later, Sony started manufacturing of Android based smartphones that rose its sales volume across the country. The latest smartphone launch by the company is Sony Xperia R1 (Plus), which was launched in October 2017. The price range for Sony mobiles in United States range from USD200 to USD750 (for its flagship products).

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