LG is a South Korean based electronics company that was founded way back in 1958. The company was originally registered as Goldstar, in 1958 as a consumer electronics manufacturer. Today, LG apart from its traditional consumer electronic products, is also known as an acclaimed and successful smartphone and tablet manufacturer in the world.

The first Android based smartphone from LG was rolled out back in 2009, while the company launched its first ever tablet in 2011. Since then, the LG has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most successful mobile phones manufacturers in the world.

Traditionally, LG mobiles in Algeria were seen as cheap alternative to more high-end smartphones. However, with time LG has launched some of its most exquisitely designed upscale smartphones to compete in high-end market segment of the industry. LG V30 is a true manifestation of company’s zeal and commitment to deliver high-quality smartphones in Algeria.

LG mobiles are simply loved in all Algeria cities including Algiers, Annaba, Biskra, Oran, and Setif and many other for their intrinsic designs and upscale features. The average LG mobile in Algeria is priced in range of {currency}300 to {currency}700 (for the premium flagship device). The release of newer, better and more powerful devices will only add up to the international portfolio and stature of LG, letting it compete with many fierce Chinese mobile manufacturers in its operational segment.

Disclaimer: Latest and New Mobiles, Smartphones and Cell Phones Price List / Prices are updated regularly from Algeria Algiers, Annaba, Biskra, Oran, and Setif's Local Mobile Phone market . We are trying to provided best possible Mobile Phone prices in Algeria Algiers, Annaba, Biskra, Oran, and Setif and detailed Specifications, but we cannot guarantee all information's are 100% correct. The latest launched Cell Phones are priced on the basis of international offerings without including shipment costs and taxes.

LG W3000

LG G3000

LG W5200

LG G5200

LG W7000

LG G7000

LG W7020

LG G7020

LG G8000

LG G5300

LG G5400

LG G7030

LG G7050

LG G7070

LG G7100

LG LG 510w

LG B1200

LG LG-200

LG LG-500

LG LG-600

LG U8100

LG U8150

LG G5310

LG G5500

LG G7120

LG G1500

LG T5100


LG V30

LG C1100

LG C1400

LG U8120

LG G3100

LG F2100

LG C2200

LG L5100

LG A7150

LG G1800

LG F7250

LG G1700

LG F2300

LG G1610

LG M4300

LG C3300

LG C3310

LG C3400

LG U8200

LG U8210

LG U8138

LG F1200

LG B2000

LG B2100

LG C3320

LG C2100

LG U8180

LG F2400

LG M4410

LG L341i

LG L342i

LG M4330

LG F2410

LG B2250

LG P7200

LG U8380

LG U8360

LG U8330

LG U880

LG F2250

LG S5200

LG S5100

LG F3000

LG C1150

LG B2050

LG M6100

LG KG920

LG KU730

LG V9000

LG U8550

LG U890

LG S5300

LG V35 ThinQ

LG KG320

LG KE600

LG KG800

LG KG225

LG KG220

LG U900

LG KG810

LG KG210

LG KG245

LG U400

LG U300

LG CU500

LG KG240

LG C2500

LG KG190

LG KG120

LG KU800

LG L600v

LG KG110

LG KE820

LG KE800

LG KG300

LG KG200

LG U310

LG KE260

LG U830

LG KG330

LG KE850 Prada

LG KE970 Shine

LG L343i

LG KU250


LG KU970 Shine

LG KE770 Shine

LG KU950

LG KU580

LG C3380

LG S5000

LG B2070

LG B2150

LG KE500

LG C2600

LG KG280

LG KP202

LG KG130

LG KG270

LG KU311

LG KP200

LG KG195

LG KU990 Viewty

LG U8290


LG KG290

LG U960

LG KG275

LG KU380

LG KG375

LG CU720 Shine

LG CU515

LG CE110


LG Trax CU575

LG CG180

LG KF600

LG KF700

LG KF510

LG KT610

LG KM500

LG KF310

LG KM710

LG KM338

LG KT520

LG KP235

LG KP130

LG KE990 Viewty

LG KF300

LG KF750 Secret

LG KP100

LG CU915 Vu

LG KP320

LG KP220

LG KP210

LG KC550

LG KP105

LG KP110

LG KF755 Secret

LG KP215

LG MG295

LG MG160

LG KU385

LG KE590

LG KF240

LG KM386

LG KM380

LG KG288

LG KS360

LG KP265

LG KF350


LG KF390

LG KP199

LG KC910 Renoir

LG CB630 Invision

LG KB770

LG KP260

LG V40 ThinQ

LG G7 One

LG KP500 Cookie

LG KC780

LG KF900 Prada

LG KS500

LG KP152

LG CT810 Incite

LG KP270

LG KP170

LG GD910

LG GB106

LG GB110

LG KP501 Cookie

LG KF311

LG KM330

LG KM900 Arena

LG GM730 Eigen

LG GB130

LG GM310

LG KT770

LG GB102

LG GB220

LG GB250

LG KC910i Renoir

LG KC560

LG KF245

LG GM200 Brio

LG Xenon GR500

LG GB210

LG GT365 Neon

LG GB125

LG GD330

LG GC900 Viewty Smart

LG GD900 Crystal

LG KS660

LG GW520

LG GT505

LG KP502 Cookie

LG GW550

LG GB170

LG GT500 Puccini

LG CP150

LG GB270

LG GB230 Julia

LG KF757 Secret

LG GB109

LG BL40 New Chocolate

LG GW300

LG GM750

LG U370

LG GW620

LG BL20 New Chocolate

LG GD510 Pop

LG GB190


LG GU285

LG GD710 Shine II

LG CF360

LG GB160

LG GU230 Dimsun

LG GW820 eXpo

LG GS200

LG GT950 Arena

LG GD880 Mini

LG GT540 Optimus

LG GD580 Lollipop

LG GX200

LG KU2100

LG GM210

LG KB775 Scarlet

LG GD350

LG GD310

LG Town GT350

LG GS500 Cookie Plus

LG GW990

LG KF305

LG GS290 Cookie Fresh

LG KH5200 Andro-1

LG GT405

LG GT400 Viewty Smile

LG GD550 Pure

LG KS365

LG A140

LG GW370 Rumour Plus

LG KM570 Cookie Gig

LG KP108

LG GX500

LG GS155

LG GS106

LG GS107

LG Optimus Q LU2300

LG GW880

LG GU292

LG GB280

LG SU420 Cafe

LG KH3900 Joypop

LG K50



LG K30 (2019)

LG K20 (2019)

LG V50S ThinQ 5G