Google is an American based leading technology company of the world. The company almost dominates the tech world in all aspects. It is also the parent company to the most famous mobile operating system “Android”.

Talking about the Google mobiles in Spain, this is one domain where Google haven’t been able to outpace leading companies like any other tech domain. However, this doesn’t mean Google has lagged far behind. Despite being a relative newcomer in mobile industry, Google mobiles in Spain has seen fast appreciation and had made significant inroads into the Spain mobile market. Unlike its past venture Nexus, the company has started to manufacture its own mobiles with the launch of Google Pixel some time back.

Google Pixel 2; the latest Google mobile in Spain is vastly acclaimed as one of the best smartphones released to date. Though the sales of Google mobiles in Spain lag behind those of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, it is still one of the highly rates and upscale mobile phone in the country.

The flagship Google mobiles in Spain are priced in range of EUR650 to EUR750, making it one of the more expansive brands in the market. However, the company still manages to keep its prices low than iPhone and Galaxy flagship mobiles, which has resulted in higher sales in the country.

Overall, Google mobiles in Spain are seen as upscale and high-end smartphones with much popularity in all major cities of the country including Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, and Valencia and many other large cities.

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