09 Aug 2021

Ever since the smartphone manufacturing giant Samsung has signed a deal with Luck Group, Pakistan, to set up a manufacturing plant in the country, Chinese manufacturers have been eyeing the same opportunity to grab onto the massive smartphone marketing in the country.

In yet another significant development, many companies are now looking to introduce 5G-enabled smartphones in the local market. Thanks to the increasing penetration of internet connectivity, the smartphone market is rapidly increasing in the country.

In recent news, Realme, one of the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturers, has shown interest in introducing 5 G-enabled smartphones. The company is known for offering high-spec smartphones at affordable prices. Earlier, Realme’s parent company has already announced to invest in setting up a smartphone assembly line in Pakistan.

In a recent interview with a local newspaper, Sherry Dong, Regional Marketing Director, Realme, praised the overwhelming appreciation and acceptance of Realme smartphones in the country’s market. She further said that looking at the excellent reception the company has received and huge market potential, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing giant is now looking to launch 5G enabled smartphones in the country on a priority basis.

It is worth mentioning that the company setups up a record of selling over a million smartphones within a year, something that has never happened before. Given such a massive positive response from users, the company was pushed to put in new investments and launch the latest products in the market.

Sherry Dong also said that the company is in the advanced stages of the planning stage to establish a local assembly plant in the country for its products, after which Pakistani consumers will be able to get their hands on the latest technology products from the company at affordable prices.

Oppo Mobile Telecommunication, the parent company of Realme, has already expressed its interest in investing in a local smartphone assemble plant in the country. Commenting on the interests of Oppo in setting up a plant in Pakistan, Regional Marketing Director Sherry Dong said that the company is highly interested in bringing in advanced technology products, including 5G enabled smartphones, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products in the country at affordable prices.

She said that 5G and AI are the future of technology, and thereby, we are highly motivated to bring our Pakistani consumers the best and most advanced products at the most competitive prices.

A significant achievement of Realme is that the company was able to harness massive success in the Pakistani market without any traditional marketing campaigns, including television ads or print media marketing. Contrarily, the company leverages innovative online marketing channels to penetrate Pakistani smartphone users and gather support and praise for its advanced smartphone offering high specifications at meager rates.

Now, the company is looking to introduce its digital store to get more access and responsiveness with Pakistani customers.

The rapid increase in digital channels and high internet penetration rate make Pakistan the perfect market for Chinese manufacturers to gain a strong foothold in an otherwise nascent high-potential market.

The investment of smartphone manufacturers to set up local assembly plants is a big success for the country, as it will open much-needed job opportunities for youngsters in the country. However, the government needs to provide an encouraging investment environment to streamline foreign investors willingness to setup manufacturing facilities in the country.


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