LG is a South Korean based electronics company that was founded way back in 1958. The company was originally registered as Goldstar, in 1958 as a consumer electronics manufacturer. Today, LG apart from its traditional consumer electronic products, is also known as an acclaimed and successful smartphone and tablet manufacturer in the world.

The first Android based smartphone from LG was rolled out back in 2009, while the company launched its first ever tablet in 2011. Since then, the LG has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most successful mobile phones manufacturers in the world.

Traditionally, LG mobiles in Maldives were seen as cheap alternative to more high-end smartphones. However, with time LG has launched some of its most exquisitely designed upscale smartphones to compete in high-end market segment of the industry. LG V30 is a true manifestation of company’s zeal and commitment to deliver high-quality smartphones in Maldives.

LG mobiles are simply loved in all Maldives cities including Fuvahmulah, Hithadoo, Hulhumale, Male, and Thinadoo and many other for their intrinsic designs and upscale features. The average LG mobile in Maldives is priced in range of MVR300 to MVR700 (for the premium flagship device). The release of newer, better and more powerful devices will only add up to the international portfolio and stature of LG, letting it compete with many fierce Chinese mobile manufacturers in its operational segment.

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