26 Jun 2020

It has remained a custom for Apple to launch its latest flagship devices each September. However, as expected, this year things might not go as planned and we are expecting a delay in the launch of the new iPhone 12 series due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to reports, Apple will be completing the second phase of Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT) for its latest devices by the end of June or early July. And now we can confirm the testing since we have some more proof of the testing.

We are confident about Apple getting the EVT certification as now the EEC certification platform also shows the certification process of various unannounced iPhone models. The interesting news is that there weren’t just iPhones, but also the latest MAC that was listed for the certification.

The reason we are so sure about Apple currently undergoing the EVT certification is due to the fact that the document has clearly written “Smartphones of the Apple brand”. More interestingly, we now have the number of devices from Apple that are currently going the certification.

Now we all are well aware of the fact that there are no Apple devices at the moment with these model numbers, it is safe to say that these are upcoming devices from the Cupertino based tech giant and that these are most probably the expected model names of the iPhone 12 series that we all are expecting to release somewhere down the year.

Now, if we go with the model numbers, we expect the A2176 and A2172 as being the baseline models for the iPhone 12 series, whereas, the other dominations of the device model appear to be variants of higher-end models (something like Pro or Pro Max). At the moment, we aren’t sure about the denomination of the series, however, what we do confirm is that the tech giant is undergoing the EEC certification for its nine new models, which we may see anytime down the year or even early next year; owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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