26 Jun 2020

So, let’s get a quick review of what we know about the new iPhone 12 series apart from a redesigned chassis, which are highly noticeable in the dummy units that we got our hands to.

Starting with something positive, Apple has revealed during the WWDC that its latest iOS 14 will support all its previous devices that were compatible with iOS 13. This is a big decision and a generous one, which will definitely have its impacts on the sale of iPhone 12 models. Nonetheless, the essence of iOS 14 supporting the iOS 13 compatible devices means that devices as old as iPhone 6 series which was launched way back in 2015 will also be getting the update to the latest iOS 14, and will continue to receive updates till 2021. Not to forget iPhone 6 series was one of Apple’s best-selling devices and the tech giant sold over 100M of these devices worldwide. Chances are millions of these devices that are still in use by users globally, which again may translate into lower sales for the new iPhone 12 series. This generous support from Apple is greatly lauded amongst the users and industry critics alike because this has come at a time when the world is battling financial implications of Covid-19.

Another great news that’s coming out of the Apple is that the company will be shipping powerful 20W adapter with the iPhone 12 box. Now, we know the higher-end versions of iPhone were already shipped with 18W chargers, however, the base models previously only came with 5W charger, which may take as much as 2hours to give full charge device. Now, with a 20W powerful charger included in the box of all models (baseline and pro models), users save $30 in buying the 18W charger for fast charging. And if we are to add up the $50 price cut offered in iPhone 12 series, it’s a straight $100 saving for the users, which is again significant offering from the tech giant.

Moving on from the generous offers put up by the smartphone giant, the iPhone 12 series also comes with some interesting design upgrades and features. For starter, the stylish side chassis of the device which looks like a sim tray is in reality a Smart Connector. This is basically a magnetic port, which was previously used in the iPad Pro and can be used to attach accessories, as well as, to charge Apple Pencil. Previously, the feature was expected to make into the iPhone devices in 2021, however, it’s a nice surprise to see the feature being rolled-out earlier.  Also, what we have come to know till now is that Apple is in no mood to bring the USB-C port to the iPhone devices.

Lastly, while the 5G connectivity support is confirmed, we are still hearing rumors about some of the other state-of-the-art features like 120Hz ProMotion Display, which is boosted to use the new LIDAR sensor to give superior display, and the performance capabilities of latest A14 Chip is still lingering to be confirmed.


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