06 Jul 2021

Apple is exceptionally secretive about its tech announcements, however, rumors are all over whenever there is a time to release Apple's new device. 

iPhone 13 is expected to launch in September 2021, whereas, iPhone 13 Pro is expected to be released in December. 

Wondering what prices will apple offer for iPhone 13 range, either it would be worth the investment or one should stick to the last model. 

What will you get by switching to the new iPhone 13? 

Well, we are sure that iPhone 13 Pro will be the next-gen phone and bring major updates including the fastest 5G connectivity, 48MP ultra-wide camera, better battery life, and most importantly Apple's very first 120Hz screen display. 

With these amazing features in the upcoming iPhone 13, we could expect a drastic rise in the price of the iPhone 13 range.

The upcoming iPhone 13 may also offer the biggest storage space up to 1TB. Thus, if you currently find yourself with a shortage of memory and thinking to clear the phone`s memory then wait, moving to iPhone 13 will solve this problem and give you plenty of space to save huge data at a time.

Usually, iPhone price is the least exciting thing to talk about, but it is still the first thing to consider while investing. There are still a few months to go for the release of the iPhone 13, but we have already heard whispers about what could be the price range, and so far, rumors are not too good. It is a tough call for the people who want to upgrade. Whether they should wait for iPhone 13 or just buy a new iPhone 12.

There won’t be major technical upgrades in iPhone 13 as compared to iPhone 12 because one of the major changes of introducing 5G connectivity has already been made in iPhone 12. Therefore, Apple may reduce the price or will remain similar to IPhone12.

As we talk about the Samsung series, The Samsung Galaxy S21 was released in January 2021, and the price was lesser than the previous model that is S20.

Well, we won`t say much, we have to wait to see what would be an Apples' move for iPhone 13 Pro, whether it follows Samsung or will follow its trend of increasing the prices.  


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