06 Jul 2021

The iPhone becomes the talk of the town whenever there is time to release the latest version of the phone. Rumors are all-around about its specification, colors, camera, and everything. Well, let's talk about the color range of the upcoming iPhone 13. 

Usually, the iPhone is released in a wide range of different colors, for example, the iPhone 12 was available in a total of ten shades, 

six unique shades for the iPhone 12 including minty green, deep blue, red, black, white, and, purple - the most recent addition. While the other four shades were silver, graphite, gold, and blue for iPhone 12 pro and Iphone12 pro max.

We are expecting a similar color range for the iPhone 13, however, no specific color has been officially disclosed yet. A few of them are rumored which we have mentioned below, along with some shades that we are most likely to see in iphone13. 

-        Matte black 

Matte black would be on top of the list of iphone13 colors, as per rumors around, and multiple resources suggest that it is already in the process. 

However, unfortunately, these colors are most likely to be available only in iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max. Matte black is a little enhanced version of graphite shade that means you won't see shade graphite in the iPhone 13 range. However, matt black is expected to be the most loved color, as it would be in a very dark grayish shade rather than typical black color, so it might have a classy metallic look. 

-         Rose pink 

The most unlikely rumored color that we have come to know is Rose pink. A phone shop account on Twitter posted that a Rose pink color would be offered in the upcoming iPhone 13Pro max, but it is quite hard to believe. 

Well, Apple never offered such colors in its pro and Pro max models. As per this source, if there is a beautiful rose pink shade, you still have to wait till December because the pro model usually lands in December, or maybe after December as the dates are still not finalized due to the pandemic situation. Whereas iPhone 13 is expected to be released in September 2021.

And if it is to be true for iPhone 13 pro max, then definitely it would also be available for iPhone 13 pro. But still, most probably it would be the shade for iPhone 13 or maybe iPhone 13mini and we might not see it at all. 

-        Orange iPhone

Orange is not an Apple color but still, it is rumored that Apple is working to release an iPhone 13 pro with Orange shade. The color is more likely to be an orange shade that could be bronze or rust. However, it might be limited to its prototype stage, so perhaps we will not be able to see it. 

-        Purple 

Peng phones made another tweet claiming that iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max will be released in the purple shade in November 2021. It is again quite unbelievable, but you never know what could be another shade. However, the basic colors like black, silver, and white will remain the same.

The above-mentioned colors are only rumors that we heard until now, there is no authenticity about them. However, most probably Apple will follow its basic shades in iPhone 13 range as well. 

There might also be some unique and new shade like red, green, or blue introduced for non-pro models as they were offered in the previous iPhone. So, let’s hope we get some interesting shades coming up this year.


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