26 Aug 2021

Xiaomi Mix 4UD – A Phone not Recommended for Selfie Lovers!


The selfie camera has long been one of the most pressing features in smartphones, with massive influence over users' purchasing choices. The fanaticism of selfie cameras has been such that there are many accessories like a selfie stick, and others have been exclusively developed to offer a seamless selfie experience for users. Nonetheless, smartphone technology is undoubtedly a fast-evolving field, where one never knows what comes next. Just like thick bezels, which were once considered the fundamental structural feature of smartphones were simply disappeared for the stretched full-screen experience or like headphone jacks are fast disappearing from smartphones.

Similarly, the latest evolution is the Camera Under Panel (CUP), which is trading selfie cameras for a whole immersive display experience. The technology is spearheaded by Chinese smartphone manufacturers, who seem convinced that this is the next evolution of smartphones.

Xiaomi Mix 4UD is the latest breed of the smartphone where the CUP technology is being implemented and defended vigorously. According to the company's official statement, the Mix 4UD CUP technology is meant to offer users a seamless display without any distraction. According to William Lu – Senior Vice President at Xiaomi, the Mix 4 UD is a phone for users looking for a bigger screen and immersive display experience, not for superior selfies. He said that users who like to have stunning selfies could go with smartphones with punch holes.

This simply means that if you are one of the millions of selfie enthusiasts, Xiaomi's latest Mix 4 UD isn't the right phone for you.

The first smartphone to utilize Camera Under Panel (CUP) technology was also a Chinese manufacturer ZTE, which introduced the technology in its Axon 20 smartphone. The device clearly lacks the quality of selfies; however, its successor Axon 30, which also boasts the same technology, does offer a much better experience.

Now, since Mix 4 UD is Xiaomi's first attempt at CUP technology, we can expect compromised selfie quality and that the results will only improve over time as the technology matures.

Xiaomi, on its part, seems to be non-apologetic towards the use of technology and has openly backed the technology. Also, the company didn't shy to admit that the new technology will result in lower quality of selfies and that the company will take all possible measures to improve the technology in upcoming devices.

Are you ready to compromise selfies for a better and more immersive display experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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