07 Jul 2021

In April 2021, and Apple released its long-awaited device "AirTag” after so many years of speculations and rumors. This tiny device is used to find the lost items like wallets, keys, backpacks, and any accessories. This device needs to connect with your Apple device by using Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s only been a little while since the release of AirTag but it’s already a massive hit with millions of devices sold. If you too are an iPhone user you can get your hands on the device for just $29, or you can get a pack of four for $99.

This “AirTag” is the very first version, which means it may lack in some areas which we will only get to know with time. However, till now there are few drawbacks that we come to know.

-         Requires a Holder

AirTag is less expensive as compared to most of Apple's products but It eventually becomes a not-so-good option when you have to pay a lot sometimes just to attach them with something. AirTag does not have any type of hole to get them fixed to anything. You must have to purchase a holder, and it costs you a lot more than the price of AirTag itself. Apple also sells holders, with the starting price of $29, which ironically is equal to the price of a single AirTag, and going up to $499. Well, Apple sells rudimentary holders as well at the price of $13, and there is a growing market of holder sellers on Amazon from where you can buy at cheap prices.

-         No Support for cross-platform.

Apple is all about limiting its use to only its network, without a doubt there are some advantages to that. But if we talk about AirTag, Restricting an AirTag to an Apple device is one of the downsides of it. Providing a simple app for the android user will enlarge the market, even some amazing features such as Precision Finding cannot be provided due to the lack of ultra-wideband chips in android devices. Well, for now, Android users can just stick to stalking, which definitely is not a good move from Apple.

-         A rounded tracker

The shape of AirTag is another major drawback because it does not fit easily into any flat object. It has a small round shape that can slip from any object if not carefully placed. 

Whereas another tracker like tile tracker provides credit card shape trackers that can easily fit into a wallet or any other flat and thin object. Apple may adopt a more ergonomic shape in later versions; however, the tech giant shouldn’t wait too long before getting the shape right. 

-         Stackability

Apple has some added exceptional features including an alert option. If you are an iPhone user, an AirTag will send an alert on your phone if someone attached another tracker with you. If you find such AirTag that is not registered with your phone, you can disable it by removing its battery. However, Apple must consider creating some warning system or very least build an android application as well.

Honestly, Apply AirTag is a high-utility device with various everyday use cases, however, like everything it has some pros and cons, and above are a few of the more pressing cons which need to be considered by users, as well as, by Apple.


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