07 Jul 2021

Air tag is Apple's most recently launched smart and small tracking device that can help you to find stolen or lost items by using the Find My app. Air tag was released in April 2021 and finally, you can get your own device from the market, which essentially works much similar to Samsung smart tag Bluetooth tracker and tile tracker.

If you are planning to buy an AirTag then you should know few things. Below we have come up with key information about Apple Air Tag that can help you get started easily. So, keep reading…

How to set up your Apple AirTags

Well, setting up an AirTag is quite simple and much similar to activating Air pods. Below are the step you have to perform when you get the device

1. You need to find pre-install the “Find My app” on your iPhone or compatible device to set it up first.

2. Now, pair your Air-Tag.  You have to bring the AirTag adjacent to your iPhone device to connect them.

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen to name and register it on your Apple ID.

4. Once you successfully paired your AirTag, now you can see its current and last location on the map.

AirTag accessibility

The AirTag works efficiently with iPhone devices running IOS 14.5 or above. Apple devices like iPad and iPhones must use the Find My app to find the location of lost Air-tagged items.

However, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 will help you to get the precise location by having instructions on the screen of your phone. These iPhones use ARkit, camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer to get a more accurate location.

AirTag price

The device will cost you $29 for a single airbag, and $99 for a pack of four. The price is comparatively much lesser than other precuts of apple. Hence, apple users will happily invest in this item.

AirTags Design

Well, Apple always comes up with a unique and visual outlook, this time it is no different as well. Apple gave the AirTag a classy white shiny look with a tiny silver color button.

It is easy to carry as it is light as a coin, weighing 11g, and a diameter of 1.26 inches with 8mm thickness. One side of the Tag is covered with white plastic whereas the other with aluminum. The plastic side has the customization option of engraving any image, letter, or name of your choice for free, however, Accessories to hold it such as loops, luggage tags, and keychains are sold individually.

AirTags Battery

The best thing about AirTag is its battery, as Apple claims that the battery does not need to charge for more than a year. The AirTag batteries are cheap, small, and easily replaceable, unlike other Apple products. AirTag uses a common CR2032 battery, which can be bought from any online store.

AirTags Data Storage

AirTags cannot store any sort of data. If you own an AirTag then you would be the only person who can view your AirTag location. the AirTag transfers the location in an encrypted form that stays anonymous, even Apple itself doesn't know your location.

The Takeaway

Well, without a doubt Apple AirTag is privacy-focused, well-designed, and works extremely well. and there is no such competition with other android versions of the Find My app, so most probably it will remain strong in the Apple network.


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