30 Nov 2021

Well, Huawei sold its Honor subsidiary back in 2020 to ensure the brand’s survival. After being liberated from the Huawei held restrictions, the brand quickly repaired its partnerships with Google, Qualcomm and other technology companies to create its first solo smartphone launched in the western markets.

As expected, Honor 50 Pro comes packed with desirable features and cutting-edge technology in its price bracket. The phone comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset and some pretty amazing features to recapture the lost ground. Out of the lot, it’s the camera that is again a standout feature in the Honor 50 Pro, something that we expect from all Chinese manufactured smartphones.

Here in this blog, we will specifically be reviewing the camera of Honor 50 Pro and see why it is one of the best mid-range camera phones available in the market.

Honor 50 Pro Camera Review

The Honor 50 Pro comes with a quadruple rear camera setup. The main camera sensor standout as 108 MP, whereas the other sensors also offer great utility and experience as a whole.

The 108 MP primary camera comes with a 9:1 pixel binning, which simply means that it is able to merge every nine pixels into one. This means that the final pixel has “lots of light”, which results in the final image of 12 MP.

The overall result of the primary camera is exceptionally bold and bright. Honor also seems to have taken a lot from the camera technology of its previous parent company Huawei, especially with respect to the images in the low-light settings. The test results in low-light settings from the Honor 50 Pro appeared to be brighter and crisper than many of the other devices in the market.

Moving on, the primary camera comes with quick Autofocus and a natural-looking depth effect.

We found that photos taken with this primary 108 MP camera looked bold and bright, even in low-light settings, much better than the quality offered by most other smartphone cameras in this price bracket. Autofocus is quick, and the natural-looking depth effect makes close-up pictures look even better.

Apart from the primary camera, there are 3 other cameras, including 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2 MP macro snappers and a 2 MP depth sensor, which are all basically pretty standard and nothing special. However, what’s special is the 32MP selfie camera, which simply generates outstanding snaps every time.

Overall, with a formidable front and rear camera setup coupled with AI scene optimization, the Honor 50 Pro means that it is definitely the best mid-range camera phone.


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