08 Oct 2018

The latest of the lot from Honor is the Honor 8x and to be honest, it’s designed to impress from the very first glance.

The 8X is more of the same from Honor, but that’s not a bad thing Honor 8x is a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality

- Exquisite glass body and elegant design
- Large display
- Affordability
- Optimized performance

- Much similar to other Honor models
- Micro-USB charging

The honor as meant as an affordable smartphone segment from Huawei and generally that comes with a compromise in quality and functionality. However, Honor series has risen up the ranks quickly with a number of premium smartphones launched over the years. This year alone, Honor has launched two premium smartphones and keeping in spirit with the affordability, both arecompetitively priced with some robust functionalities and specification.

The latest of the lot from Honor is the Honor 8x and to be honest, it’s designed to impress from the very first glance. The only thing that complicates the equation is the blurry line of distinction between different Honor smartphones, which might puzzle buyers into thinking, what to buy? Nonetheless, like always we checked the latest Honor 8x to see what the smartphone has to offer and if it has something drastically changed from other models from Honor.

As said earlier, the Honor 8x seems to be designed to impress. It has a very sleek and elegant appearance that is complemented by vivid colors and a large display. This stylish smartphone comes with a powerful octa-core processor, AI-powered dual camera system and well not to forget an amazingly low price tag (you can actually have 3 Honor 8x and still be paying lower than a single iPhone XS Max), now that’s truly amazing. The reason why we resort to comparing it with iPhone XS Max is that Honor 8x boosts similar 6.5-inch display as the largest and most expensive iPhone ever and well to amaze you, even more, this affordable beast boosts even similar display resolution to iPhone XS Max.

Now, you can replace the “Honor 8x” with “Huawei Mate 20”, “Honor Play” or “Honor 10” and still be sure that not much will be different, other than some peculiar specifications. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a large lead ahead of its predecessor “Honor 7x”. The company has added the complete rear glass panel to give it even more classy and elegant appeal. The dual tone paneling further adds to the shine and elegance of new design and it is definitely much prettier than Honor Play.

Honor 8x comes with a body screen ration of 19.5:9, which means even smaller bezel and an elongated design. The overall screen-to-body ratio is stretched to an amazing 91%. The thickness of the smartphone is kept minimal at 7.8mm with rounded edges for solid and comfy grip.

Now, to be honest, you might not like the screen at first glance, especially if you have experienced the immaculate Honor Play screen. According to company sources, it’s the first smartphone to boosts a comfort mode that’s certified by TÜV Rhineland, which detects and lowers the blue light output. Nonetheless, after some deep inspection of the phone, we find that the phone comes with standard vivid viewing mode enabled and you need to switch that to comfort mode.

We found some disturbing effects of vivid mode on camera output as well. The images taken with vivid mode seems to have that bluish tinge. This was largely resolved by switching to comfort mode and whatever does remain was (according to our thinking; the result of AI functionalities that are built in the camera system).

To be honest, many Chinese smartphone manufacturers including Huawei, Honor, Vivo among others have been boosting their smartphones’ camera capabilities and Honor 8x is no different. The phone comes with a dual rear camera system with a 20MP lens and 2MP depth-sensing lens.

Now for an even cooler feature, the camera systems are backed with AI integration which can easily be activated with a single touch AI button. Now, as per our results, the camera results vary greatly and there have been cases where the image appears clearly cut off from reality. Not taking anything away from Honor 8x, we have been able to capture some HDR-style stunning photos that were realistically enhanced by AI integration.

Apart from imaging, there’re many other things and tricks to play around including Slow-Motion video capturing, Night mode shooting, 3D portrait and a few more. When compared with results of Huawei P20 Pro, there was distinctively lacking at Honor 8x’s end. Oh, and there’s a 16MP front selfie camera as well that you can use to take some classy and stylish selfie. Nonetheless, keeping in mind the staggeringly competitive pricing, Honor 8x certainly delivers much more than most of the other phones in a similar price range.

The phone boosts Huawei Kirin 710 processors with 4GB RAM. For solid graphics and gaming experience, the phone packs a GPU Turbo from Huawei. Honor 8x runs on Android 8.1 operating system with Huawei’s EMUI 8.2 (that’s just standard for most Chinese brands). So, overall it’s a strong power pack smartphone that’s certainly top of the line in its category (the only negative thing is that we have other Honor phones with these specs as well).

Other Features:
Ok, Honor 8x certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of security and accessory features. The phone comes with the standard fingerprint sensor that’s comfortably placed at the rear side of the phone (we feel it could have been a bit lower than where it is now for more comfortable reach, especially for people with small hands). Face recognition is fast becoming industry standard and Honor 8x didn’t miss out here as well with a fast and sufficiently reliable facial recognition system. It comes with a large 3,750 mAh battery that easily lasts over one day.

Final Verdict:
It is certainly a desirable smartphone, that you won’t like to miss at such a competitive price. Again, the only problem is that we have some other smartphones from Honor and other Chinese manufacturers that offers quite similar features as well as almost ditto pricing. So, perhaps you can check out all your options before deciding to go with one of them. 


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