14 Oct 2021

Starting from the ultra-wide, here the most important novelty is certainly the introduction of a brighter lens (f / 1.8) and autofocus, a real lack of the iPhone 11/12 that has finally been overcome. Now it is possible to enjoy a minimum depth effect, but above all it is possible to bring the iPhone up to 2cm from a subject/object to create incredible macro photos. Macro mode is definitely an option, but in terms of quality it's probably still not perfect. Furthermore, there is currently an annoying (because a bit cumbersome) automatic switch from wide-angle to ultra-wide which, however, will soon be offered as an option to be activated or deactivated on the fly before taking a photo.

iphone13 camera pros and cons

To complete it all, there is the software with a new generation ISP, the SmartHDR 4.0, Depp Fusion, Apple ProRAW and the new photographic styles that allow you to set the camera with Apple pre-sets before starting the shooting, preserving the shades. of the skin of the subjects in the photo. And then there are the videos that in addition to being captured up to 4K at 60 fps can also be shot with the new cinematic mode which allows to obtain a dynamic blur effect with subject tracking and the automatic focus switch when a subject is no longer looking into the camera and one behind him is.

To all this, another feature of ProRes will be added with an upcoming update. This is a truly professional-level feature which, however, has a big disadvantage: the videos generated in ProRes will be extremely heavy and for this reason on the 128 GB models it will be possible to take advantage of this recording mode only up to 1080p, while from 256 GB up ProRes will also be able to work in 4K.


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