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-    Large Screens

Ok, this wasn’t the first time Apple ventured into the large screen phone, but to be honest looking at the variety of exquisite large (read behemoth) screen devices in market, we can safely say that the iPhone XS Max is the first PROPER large screen device we have seen from Apple with a reasonable body to screen ratio. The 6.5-inch OLED screen sported by iPhone XS Max will definitely give users amazing display quality. So, all the large screen fans out there, you finally got something to cheer about.

-    A12 Bionic Chipset

Apple has always remained strong with its state-of-the-art chipset that boasts solid performance and this time around it’s no different. Apple has introduced the latest 7nm A12 bionic chipset that’s even though not the first 7nm chipset in the world (that position is taken by Huawei’s Kirin 980), still iPhone XS Max will be the first smartphone that’s available with the 7nm chipset. All three variants announced at the event will be powered by the same A12 bionic chipset and that according to Apple will give 15% increased performance and 50% faster efficiency.

A12 Bionic comes with a hexa-core CPU design and Quad-core GPU. For power efficiency, two out of six cores are high-performance cores, reserved to handle heavy jobs, while the rest cores are reserved to take care of light tasks. As always, there wasn’t any indication for clock speed or other details, however, overall the A12 bionic chipset comes with lots of promises and expectations.

-    Battery Life

As always Apple didn’t reveal anything about battery size. What they do reveal is the bigger and decent battery life for higher-end variants iPhone XS Max, while as for the low-end variant iPhone XR, the company promises a battery that boosts longer than iPhone 8 Plus.

So, overall there’s again plenty to rejoice for iPhone fans who wanted a more powerful all day lasting battery.

The Bottom Line:

No, let’s summarize what you can expect from the latest iPhones and what price would you have to pay. To start off, we can’t just ignore yet another price hike by Apple, which has now reached to $ 1,099 for iPhone XS Max for the base model (yup, we aren’t just yet going into the memory variants). That’s a $100 increase from last year iPhone X, but interestingly we haven’t seen any cry from iPhone fans this time around (I guess iPhone fans have become immune to pay higher prices each year).

Coming to what the company labeled as the budget phone iPhone XR, the base model for the smartphone will go around $ 750, which if only we can give you a fair idea is $350 more than the price of last year’s iPhone SE (pretty crazy, huh), again we aren’t yet touching the storage aspect (we are talking about base models).


-    Bank Robbing Prices

As we have already covered above, iPhone users seem to be immune to price hikes as we haven’t seen any outcry yet from fans. Just like every year, Apple didn’t shy away from taking a large leap in terms of prices for its new models; $100 hike for iPhone XS Max and crazy $350 hike for iPhone XR against iPhone X and iPhone SE respectively.

This means that event the budget iPhone XR will cost more than many flagship devices from other companies and if you aren’t hardcore iPhone fan, you might think twice before committing to this years iPhone.

-    Retiring of iPhone 5s

For a majority of iPhone hardcore fans, the iPhone 5s represented the epitome of the design of all iPhones and that was the reason why we saw a revival of iPhone 5s design with updated configurations and a new name iPhone SE. Many pundits were betting on something similar to that probably iPhone SE 2, however, we didn’t see anything like that happening and so it’s safe to predict that Apple has officially retired the iPhone 5s design forever.

-     No Headphone jacks

Last year we saw this bizarre trend of removing the headphone jack and this time Apple continue with it. All the three new variants released in this fall’s event comes with no headphone jack; to no surprise. What’s even more surprising is that the company won’t be providing a 3.5mm dongle either, which clearly shows the intent of Apple to force people into buying them out separately or even better go for a wireless headphone for even more bucks.

-    The Front notch

Ok, we accept to hate that front panel notch, even though it’s important to sports many crucial tech sensors. Apple hasn’t bothered to even try to change that either. Now, we have seen many android manufacturers improvising on the notch and coming up with even better and smarter ways to minimize that notch, but as yet Apple didn’t seem moved by their improvisations.

-    Fingerprint Sensor

Just like the sudden disappearance of the headphone jack, Apple dramatically killed-off the fingerprint sensor with Face ID in last year’s iPhone X. This time again, Apple opted to simply ignore the functionality and utility of fingerprint sensor against not so convenient Face ID. Well, mounting one at the rear-side wouldn’t have done any harm, or why not go with an on-screen sensor???

-    Fast Charging

Apple introduced the fast battery charging support in iPhone X but for some weird reason, it hasn’t yet committed to providing the right charger to do the work.

Criminally, even with iPhone XS Max that goes beyond $1000, the company hasn’t yet packaged fast charger with the box and has resorted to the standard 5W charger.

Well, that’s all we have to say until now. We will highly appreciate your comments and experience for the phones and if you think Apple is going in the right direction.


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