Philips is one of the largest and diversified business offering health and well-being products. Philips has a large portfolio of products launched over the years. Lately, the company has been mainly focused in developing high-end health and well-being products, which can have a positive impact of people’s health and lifestyle. The company is known for its innovative and indigenous approach in R&D sector and has patented thousands of consumer electronics, lifestyle and lighting products. The company is also one of the highest rated manufacture of LED lights, internet-connected LED lights, TVs, audio market and smartphones.

Philips has never formally entered the mainstream smartphone manufacturing race. The company has launched small portfolio of smartphones, which mainly revolves around medium-end functionalities and decent price. The latest smartphone launch of Philips mobile phone was back in November 2015, called “Sapphire life V787”.

Philips smartphone in United States saw decent acceptance and appreciation, concentrated mainly in large cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C, etc. The company heavily relies on its reputation and reliability to sell its smartphones, which definitely aren’t made to compete likes of Apple or Samsung. Overall, Phillips smartphones are known for their excellent manufacturing (a trademark of Philips Company), decent functionality and fairly affordable pricing (USD300 to USD450).

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