01 Nov 2021

Users say there is some distortion and discoloration that appears when the screen is touched and when the iPad is in portrait orientation. The problem is even more prominent when the iPad is in dark mode or if the user touches the screen with a little more pressure than usual.

However, so far, this doesn't seem to be a widespread problem and few users have experienced it. Some other Reddit users have been able to replicate the distortion, while others haven't experienced anything like it. Apple announced that the affected users can take their iPads to an Apple Store or Repair Centre to order a replacement unit although some users also claimed that the issues also appeared on replaced devices and units on display at Apple Stores


Rough start by the new iPad mini 6

Soon after the iPad mini was officially released, users and reviewers noticed the gelatinous scrolling effect mentioned above, which made it seem like the bottom of the screen was slower to reach the top when scrolling in portrait orientation.

The problem was slightly noticeable and not many users were too disappointed with it, but for some it was unacceptable. Apple then stated that the observed behaviour is not a bug, but rather a normal thing for LCD screens. Allegedly, Apple claimed that updating the LCD panels is done line by line and therefore there is a slight delay between when the lines at the top and bottom are updated. Such a thing can result in an irregular scrolling effect, Apple explained.

Also, when the new iPad mini and entry-level iPad ninth generation were released along with the iPhone 13 series, there were also other minor issues and bugs that were soon fixed with a software update, for example, the issue of not being able to access an iPad's Apple Music catalogue restored from a backup. Although the problem was quickly fixed with a software update.


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